The members of the University of Montreal Arts & Medias Annual Symposium’s administration committee are pleased to present this 9th edition, entitled “About Boundaries: Between Passages, Limits and Exchanges.” Organized by various students of Art History, Film Studies and Video Game Studies, this event is intended as a place of open and inclusive exchanges and discussions for anyone interested, directly or indirectly, in the arts and the media.

At a time when movements of populations are controlled and subject to strict conditions, and when isolation imposed by the ongoing pandemic crisis finds its flipside in the proliferation of telecommunication tools dedicated to maintaining social relations, this conference intends to explore the theme of boundaries in its most varied aspects.

According to the standard definition, a boundary may delimit some space or separate two states; it constitutes an ideological and legal obstacle while generating power relationships. Therefore, this notion designates a set of realities which, far from being natural, are constructed and organized by societies. As such, boundaries encompass a large part of human activities, invest territorial and social organization, stimulate our collective imagination, and offer fertile ground for epistemological reflection. Apprehending the idea of boundaries, whether from an ontological, cultural, social, technological, or disciplinary perspective, leads us to rethink the identity and limits of a discipline or an artform, as well as the modalities of the circulation of knowledge, artworks, and practices. Hence through multiple artistic mediums and fields of study, and without historical or geographical restrictions, we aim to interrogate the idea of boundary as a sort of dynamic interface for encounters and oppositions, as much as a junction or transition point towards a plurality of experiences. We shall further examine theories and practices which relate to, question, and even sometimes blur the notion of boundary.

Considering the various avenues of reflection opened up by this notion, contributions may fall within one or more of the following axes, without being limited by them:

❖     Overcoming boundaries (methodological and disciplinary; research-creation projects; multi-/inter-/trans-/in-disciplinarity; curious experimentation; power relationships; transgression with or without political engagement; reality/virtuality)

❖     Imagining boundaries (symbolic or cultural materiality; linguistics of boundaries; limits or modalities of separation; territories; private/public)

❖     Interacting beyond boundaries (unusual collaborations and exchanges between research disciplines, between practitioners from distant domains, between diverse technologies; access to artworks; public engagement; collective or participative projects)

❖     Circulating through boundaries (flow or movements; transformations; mobility; instability; in-between or intermediary spaces).

Modalities for submissions and selection of contributions

We invite undergraduate and graduate students as well as professors, lecturers, researchers, and museum, cinema and video game professionals, of any disciplinary horizon, to submit a communication proposal (about 300 words) in French or English before July 18, 2021.

Papers (300 words, excluding bibliography) should be submitted by email to the following address: (You may also ask any questions about the symposium using the same address.)

Click here for the form.

You may also ask any questions about the symposium using the same address.

Please note that the event will likely take place online in order to comply with University of Montreal sanitary protocols regarding COVID-19 (English - Info COVID-19 - Université de Montréal). We will keep you updated on this matter.

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